RC Exploration Drilling Rigs

DO more exploring!

Hit the ground running with a powerful Derex RC exploration drilling rig. These drilling rigs can be configured for a variety of drilling methods, including mud, reverse circulation, and flooded reverse circulation.

Our Dual Rotary Reverse Circulation exploration drilling rigs will get you through tough ground conditions quickly and easily. 

Featured Dual Rotary RC Exploration drilling rigs

Derex 1340-12 DR

Drill through tough overburden quickly and efficiently with the Derex 1340-12.  and Peterbilt 536 are the perfect combination of power and dependability. This fuel efficient rig can be driven without a commercial driver’s license.

Derex 1340-12X DR

As experienced drillers, we understand that dealing with tough terrain is part of the job. Which is why we developed the 1340 DR drill on the Acela Monterra 4X4. Not only will this new drilling rig help you achieve your production goals, but it also opens up areas previously unreachable.

Derex 1340-14 DR

Conquer tough ground conditions in record time on your next water well, geothermal, or RC exploration project with the innovative Derex 1340-14 DR. Enjoy the legendary performance and reliability of the 1340 Dual Rotary drill mounted on the impressive Peterbilt 567, making this drilling rig a true work horse for the serious driller.

Derex 1340-16 DR

Finish your water well, geothermal and RC exploration projects quickly and efficiently with the Derex 1340-16 DR. Derex Dual Rotary Drills have been proven repeatedly in some of the toughest unconsolidated overburden formations, including sand, gravel, glacial till, and boulders. Mounted on the Peterbilt 520, the Derex 1340-16 will reliably get you to your next job site in style and comfort.

Other rc exploration drilling rigs for sale

Derex 2630-22

The Derex 2630-22 is a top drive only drill with various mud pump options, built around the Peterbilt 567 Tandem on a 22 foot deck.