About Derex

Based in High River Alberta, Derex, manufactures exceptional dual rotary drilling rigs for the hole world! Using our many years of drilling experience, we have engineered the perfect drilling rigs for your water well, geothermal and RC (Reverse circulation) exploration projects.. Our customer service and technical assistance are second to none as, we take great pride in customer satisfaction, your success is our success!



We don’t like being told how things are going to be…. But, we bet that you don’t either. At Derex, doing thing our way and thinking outside of the box is out way. Whether we are building one of our drills or a completely custom drill, you know that we have spent a lot of time thinking about how it will drill…. And we are just as excited as the new owner to get out there and drill. Sure we know that means a Derex isn’t for everyone. We are ok with that, because we build our drills for those individuals who expect something better then average. Who look at a drill as an investment rather than an expense. So, if you are someone that thinks that there are more important reasons to buy a drill than quality and value. Well… you might as well not bother continuing on this page.

Derex History

My dad, Dan started in the oilfield in the 1960’s and went into welding and fabricating, during the 1981 recession he got a job Drilling water wells. In 1986, my uncle and my dad started their own drilling company with a tired old drill that needed to be fixed daily.
In the early 90s we knew we needed newer equipment, and would search endlessly through the NDBG for a good deal. Not finding what we needed at a reasonable price lead us to start building our own drills and equipment.
In 2004 I took a few large drilling contracts that required some specialized drills, from these drills the Derrick that we use today was born. Over the years since we have tested/ abused the design until I was happy enough to bring it to market.
Today I am proud to say that Derex likely has more time and money into the research and development of drilling equipment, and rigs then all the other companies combined.
We know what will work and what won’t work…. and why.