Derex 2630-22

The Derex 2630-22 is a top drive only drill with various mud pump options, built around the Peterbilt 567 Tandem on a 22 foot deck. 

Drill will come with welder, drill pipe, down hole hammer and all change overs and tooling needed to drill. 

Derex 2630-22 Features & Specifications

Peterbilt 567 tandem
Paccar 13 Litre.
Allison 6 speed automatic
Air ride

Transfer Case
Namco (oilfield quality)
Safe Shift

Air Compressor
Vanair/ Sullair 900 cfm / 350 psi

Hydraulic System
Bosch Rexroth plus gear pump

Top Head
Variable torque and RPM with 2” thru-hole
0-125 rpm @ 3,500 lbf

Lower drive
Variable torque and RPM with 10” thru-hole
0-23 rpm @ 20,000 lbf

Simple seal design with 4” NPT discharge
to control cuttings.

Derrick & Feed System
13’ top head stroke
40,000 lbs pullback
20,000 lbs pulldown
100 FPM

Derrick slide/ dump
4’ Derrick slide for angles up to 45°

Main Winch
Manual jib
2,500 lb.
Remote on helpers side for winch

Control Panel
Straight hydraulic controls (no electrics to fail)
Marine grade electric switches (for lights)
Murphy engine monitor display
Twin platforms

Levelling Jacks
Four 36” stroke independently controlled

Night Lights
6 LED night lights

Tool Boxes
30”x 18” x 18”

Overall Dimensions
Length: 24’11”
Width: 8’ 6”
Derrick up height: 24’ 6” – 28’ 6” with Derrick slide
Derrick down height: 11’

Water Injection
9 gpm FMC injection pump

Gross Weight
36,000-38,000 lbs

Derex 2630 Options

Sand Line Winch
1,500’ sand line

Mud Pump
3x2x13 centrifugal 300 gpm/300 psi
Centerline piston 150 gpm/600 psi

Line Oiler
Many oilers available

Water Injection
18 gpm FMC injection pump

Drill pipe packages

Wire feeder and box

Hydraulic or gas welders