The Benefits of Dual Rotary Drilling

Conquer tough ground conditions

Drill cased holes quickly and easily with our Dual Rotary Drilling technology! When compared to conventional drilling methods, Dual Rotary Drilling is by far the fastest and most effective technique of drilling unconsolidated formations (sand, gravel, cobbles, and boulders). The versatility of the Derex Dual Rotary Drilling rigs will allow you to drill more holes and expand the capabilities of your drilling operations.

Lower Rotary Drive

Derex Dual Rotary drills feature a unique lower rotary drive that is used to advance steel casing through unconsolidated overburden, such as sand, gravel, glacial till, and boulders. Pullback, pulldown, and rotational forces are effectively transmitted to the casing via high-strength steel jaws with carbide inserts. An independent rotary top drive simultaneously handles a drill string equipped with a down-the-hole hammer, drag bit, or roller cone bit.

Open-Hole drilling

Cuttings are typically evacuated with air, but Derex DR drills can also be configured with pumps for mud or flooded reverse circulation drilling.
The top and lower drives feed independently, meaning that the bit position can vary relative to the bottom of the casing. Once the desired casing depth has been achieved, the DR continues drilling open- hole like a conventional top drive drill. With a Derex DR drill, there is no need to trip out or change tools when transitioning to open-hole drilling

Derex dual rotary drilling rig

Drills For The Hole World


Derex 1340-12 DR

This fuel-efficient drilling rig was built for the toughest jobs, the Derex 1340 and Peterbilt 536 is the perfect combination of power and dependability, while still being capable of being driven without a CDL.

Derex 1340-12X DR

As experienced drillers, we understand that dealing with tough terrain is part of the job. Which is why we developed the 1340 DR drill on the Acela Monterra 4X4. Not only will this new drilling rig help you achieve your production goals, but it also opens up areas previously unreachable.

Derex 1340-14 DR

Conquer tough ground conditions in record time on your next water well, geothermal, or RC exploration project with the innovative Derex 1340-14 DR. Enjoy the legendary performance and reliability of the 1340 drill mounted on the impressive Peterbilt 567, making this drilling rig a true work horse for the serious driller.

Derex 1340-16 DR

Finish your water well, geothermal and RC exploration projects quickly and efficiently with the Derex 1340-16 DR. Derex Dual Rotary Drills have been proven repeatedly in some of the toughest unconsolidated overburden formations, including sand, gravel, glacial till, and boulders. Mounted on the Peterbilt 520, the Derex 1340-16 will reliably get you to your next job site in style and comfort.

Derex 2630-22

The Derex 2630-22 is a top drive only drill with various mud pump options, built around the Peterbilt 567 Tandem on a 22 foot deck. 

Derex 1340-12 DR Drilling rig, water well drilling eig, geothermal drilling rig, RC drilling rig

Why you need a Derex Dual Rotary Drill

  • Open-Hole Versatility – The DR can be configured for a variety of drilling methods including mud, reverse circulation, and flooded reverse circulation.
  • Straight Holes – The rotation of the casing by the lower drive results in a very straight hole making it ideal for shaft holes and foundation piles. This also minimizes stress on casing and casing welds, and eases the task of installing screens and pumps in water well applications.
  • Casing Extraction – The lower drive is equally effective at pulling back casing; thereby simplifying the process of exposing a well screen or abandoning a well.
  • Utilizes Conventional Tools – The drill string can be equipped with down-the-hole hammer, roller cone, or drag bit.
  • Control of Discharge – Cuttings are diverted through the discharge swivel and can be directed to a safe and convenient dumping or monitoring point.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Derex DR rigs feature a directly connected hydraulic feed system which means no chains, sheaves, or sprockets to maintain. This type of feed system generates zero load on the mast crown, permitting a simple and lightweight mast design that does not sacrifice pullback capability.
  • Reduced Operational Risk – The DR’s flexibility allows you to expand into new applications and gives you confidence to go into areas previously considered off-limits. You will know you have the right equipment to get the hole down the first time!
  • Speed – There is arguably no DR drill on the market today that is as fast tripping and drilling as a Derex DR.
  • Technical Support – Derex’s DR rigs are backed by the expertise and support of our product management team, field technicians, and one of the largest research and development teams in the industry.