Derex Dual Rotary drilling rig

The Benefits of Dual Rotary Drilling

Dual rotary drilling is the fastest way to drill unconsolidated formations often encountered in water well, geothermal and RC exploration industries. This method uses a top rotary drive to turn the drill pipe and a lower drive to turn the casing the opposite direction. Both drives work together to drill through rocks, boulders and other hard formations quickly and efficiently.

Time is money

The fastest method of drilling by far is dual rotary drilling, because rotating the casing allows the tungsten button shoe to effectively drill through all boulders, ledges or bedrock quickly. It is also more cost effective than other methods as the bit stays in the hole for the whole time. So it’s a great choice when time is of the essence and profits are to be maximized.

Quiet Please!

If noise pollution is concern, the dual rotary method also produces fewer vibrations than other methods. This helps reduce noise, keeping the surrounding environment safe and the neighbors happier!

Accuracy matters

Additionally, dual rotary is a more accurate form of drilling than other methods. Making sure that your water wells well will be in the right position at depth to find the water under the stake. 

Overall, dual rotary drilling is a fast and reliable way to drill. It is quiet, increases accuracy because it drills trough the boulders rather then around them, and reduces drilling costs. This method is perfect for drilling in cobbles, boulders or situations where time is of the essence (when isn’t it!). With its efficiency and reliability, dual rotary drilling is growing to be one of the most popular forms of drilling available today.

Derex supplies some of the fastest and powerful dual rotary drilling rigs on the market! Check out our fleet and contact us today for more information!